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Dr. Ryan Llera and dog patient, Wallace, who is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi like the a person our reader is inquiring about. Photograph through Ryan Llera.

This week, I’m answering a reader-submitted question pertaining to her Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog and his ears not standing upright.

Good day!

My title is Natalie and I have a 6-and-a-half-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was re-homed to us from a pretty relatives in Kitchener, who created the tricky option to put the pet dog very first soon after they understood they did not have time for him. When I got him at four months, his ears have been the two floppy, probably thanks to the small grade foodstuff they experienced him on. It was about two months later a person ear was totally standing all of the time.

Now quick ahead, we have experimented with tape training the other ear, delivering him with enough chews to improve his jaw muscle mass, cottage cheese as a snack, and tons of perform time and ear massages.

Not long ago, he’s been neutered so we stopped the ear training while he heals, and he truly has a awful UTI that he’s getting treated for. We noticed shortly soon after his neuter the other ear has begun slipping?! From time to time he wakes up complete beagle-eared. When he came home from his neuter his ears have been the two erect and stayed like that for several hours. I truthfully feel he’s lazy and is performing it to spite me. Could it even now be fixed this late into puppyhood? Why is the other a person starting to tumble all of a unexpected? I’ve begun ear training the two of them now, as I don’t want the cartilage that he created up in the a person that stays up to weaken. Could it have been the infection that we did not know he experienced? Or the antibiotics? He also as very little bumps on the tips of his ears and at times very little bumps on the within of the ear and wasn’t absolutely sure if that could be related?

His lineage is unclear thanks to getting rehomed. A breeder mentioned that she knew his father and that health screening would’ve been carried out, but mentioned nothing at all of the lineage. She did not know his mother. I enjoy him either way, but want to make absolutely sure that he’s balanced and this isn’t a signal of some thing else likely on! He’s getting fed Boreal crimson meat presently, as the much more ‘high-end’ foodstuff (he was on Fromm) created him vomit. He also will get Omega-3s every day.

Thanks so a great deal,


Hi Natalie, and thank you for your question,

Corgis are amazing canine and undoubtedly distinctive figures. You are not by yourself in your issues about the ears and people have experienced identical issues pertaining to other breeds with upright ears, this kind of as German Shepherds. In all chance, there is no medical trouble guiding this, and lots of canine with upright ears can go by phases even during the study course of a day. Some of the foundation guiding this is thanks to genetics and, with out knowing a great deal about the mothers and fathers, you may well be stuck.

The functioning principle is that as canine are teething, there is usually some floppiness to the ears as the need for calcium or other development things are getting used somewhere else. Having said that, I would NOT supplement with more calcium or other health supplements that are not precisely recommended by your veterinarian, as also a great deal of a very good point could be dangerous, even harmful. Most dog foodstuff have almost everything a escalating pup requirements with out additional supplementation. In lots of cases, soon after all the grownup tooth are in, the ears will be standing upright.

This is also not a consequence from him getting on any medications or from an infection by itself. With no observing the bumps, it is tricky to say what they are or are triggered by, but once more not likely to be affecting the ear cartilage.

You mention performing some ear training and it can be very typical for people to use some light tape or mole foam to try out and aid the ears stand upright for a couple times at a time. There’s nothing at all completely wrong with this, as lengthy as it is applied adequately and does not hurt the ear (also tight, also adhesive).  And absolutely he’s not performing it out of spite, even with individuals quirky corgi personalities.

In the long run, at the end of the day, the majority of ears will stand upright in these breeds and if they don’t it is pretty not likely there is an fundamental medical ailment, just a cosmetic overall look.

If there’s some thing you’ve usually wondered or issues you have about pertaining to pets, let us know by e-mail at

*Please take note that particular medical issues about your pet cannot be resolved and you ought to talk with your personal veterinarian.

Dr. Ryan Llera is a smaller animal veterinarian at
the Kingston Veterinary Clinic. However initially from Florida, he
married a Canadian (who is also a vet!) and they share their home with
two cats, two canine, two horses, and a rabbit. Dr. Llera also contributes
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