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I’ve witnessed a trend in some parts of Canada, the US and likely other international locations as effectively. Lots of trainers refer to it as “treat free” coaching, though some others just refer to treats as bribery, or even worse but, a gimmick?!!!

Employing phrases like gimmick and bribery, in direction of just one of the most straightforward, most reliable kinds of reinforcement for dogs (and most other animals in truth!) is a lack of being familiar with in animal habits. Any animal will repeat habits that is bolstered and minimize habits that is not, it is all about inspiration and reinforcement background.

When we converse about reinforcement, we are chatting about what the animal finds reinforcing, and not what WE believe they uncover reinforcing! This is key to remaining a fantastic husband or wife and trainer for your doggy. So, if you ask your doggy to sit, and when she does, you say “good girl” and pet her, but she doesn’t proceed regularly when questioned, it may possibly really effectively be that she doesn’t uncover remaining pet (particularly on the top rated of the head!) really reinforcing!! Lots of of us just assume each and every doggy enjoys it, when in truth, it is us that uncover it incredibly pleasurable to pet our pups!

Reports like this just one have been accomplished to take a look at no matter whether dogs do choose foods or petting as reinforcement. In this analyze, they examined wolves and dogs!

The fantastic point about foods is how very simple it is to use.

It is your dog’s pay out cheque! You go to work, you get paid monetarily. Your doggy does as questioned (her kind of work) and she gets paid with a handle of some sort, or kibble. I’m not expressing you just cannot transfer to other kinds of reinforcement this kind of as toys, or engage in afterwards. But when educating new behaviors, this is the quickest (way to provide) and most straightforward way to instruct them. With out a doubt, dogs are considerably happier remaining addressed for behaviours we like , alternatively of corrected for behaviours we never.

So, why is it that we are poisoning the believed of dealing with our dogs?

Why are some trainers earning foods appear like a undesirable point when coaching dogs?

If we want to connect with it a gimmick, then isn’t any other instrument or devices we use to train our dog’s also a gimmick? For trainers applying corrections, what about prong collars or e-collars (shock collars), these need to be on a doggy for them to react to owners. Canines skilled with these methods are only responding to escape a correction of some kind. Wouldn’t we all relatively have a doggy that is accomplishing what we ask, for the reason that they are obtaining exciting and hoping for something great when they do? I know I would.

This is a great post about applying corrections in doggy coaching:

  • Here’s the great point about foods, the element that folks and some trainers just haven’t realized but! There is no bribing or gimmicks!! We just ask for the habits and THEN feed. This is key. We never Clearly show the foods (which could be regarded as a bribe probably) and ask the doggy for a habits. That “show me the money” kind of handle coaching/positive coaching can get a doggy to start off waiting around to see the foods prior to responding to a cue, but that is just a handler mistake that is simple to deal with.
  • Really don’t we want our dogs to be satisfied and NOT stressed when we train? Really don’t we have dogs to include enrichment to our life? Instruction need to be exciting! One of the very best textbooks I’ve at any time read is by Karen Pryor named Really don’t Shoot The Puppy. Karen Pryor was a marine mammal trainer originally and now operates just one of the top rated doggy coaching schools in the environment, the Karen Pryor Academy, and certainly, just one of the primary kinds of reinforcement we use is at the Academy is foods!

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About Lisa Davies:

Lisa Davies (KPA-CTP, CDBC, CTC) has been coaching for seventeen decades. She graduated from the Academy for Puppy Trainers, the Harvard of Puppy Instruction Courses, and is also a certified Behaviour Specialist, specializing in aggression, which includes doggy to human. She has a enormous enthusiasm for serving to rescues turn into far more adoptable by way of coaching and is an BC SPCA Animalkind Accredited Trainer.

She shares her house with her partner, two Terriers, a Pointer and a Chihuahua, two goats, a miniature horse and two bunnies.

Get hold of Lisa at:

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